Paul Pearson - fraudster?
Paul Pearson - Please Beware

Paul Pearson - fraudster?

Paul Pearson's Dubious Background

Have you been affected by any dealings with Paul Pearson?  Maybe through one of his companies? Exquisitas?  Then get in touch now.
Stories so far:

1. Paul Pearson claimed to be related to Helen Bonham Carter.  NOT TRUE. A Daily Mail reporter spoke to Helen Bonham Carter and she does not know Pearson.

2. Paul Pearson took money of £40,000 from Donavan Nelson for tickets to Elton John's party that never was.  Here's a link to the Daily Mail article.

3. Paul Pearson took jewellery from Princess Leah of Romania and Prince Paul - supposedly to take care of them but the jewellery was never returned.  A mutual friend of Paul Pearson begged them not to report it to the Police. 

4. Paul Pearson agreed to pay £47,450 for services for Bernard Katompa, prospective President of the Democratic Republic of Congo 2016.  Paul Pearson was getting 10% commission for any investment raised.  Paul Pearson knowingly tried to introduce Bernard Katompa to investors in the full knowledge that Katompa was a professional fraudster. Investors had no chance of getting any return on their investment and would completely lose their investment.

STAY TUNED - Lots more stories coming up.....

Conned by Paul Pearson?

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